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Prince was born in 1957 out of dire need for the best, organic and residue free solution to get consistently perfect, well-groomed beard every time.


Formulated with all-natural ingredients and no harsh chemicals, prince is made to measure and handcrafted with excellence by our experts who carry on the secret recipe for this perfection in a bottle.


Our Aim is to help men gain confidence with perfectly set beard as they dress for success and achieve their goals while looking their best self.



  • Superior Quality

  • Colorless

  • Flake-Free

  • Super Strong Hold

  • Naturally Formulated

  • Refreshing Fragrance

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  • Quick Drying

  • Medium-Strong Hold

  • Naturally Formulated

  • Softer/Gentler Fragrance

  • Great for sensitive skin

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I have been using Prince® Hair Fixer for the past 40 years and it is still the same product which we used to get back in the olden' days.

Mr. Surinder Singh Bawa

Complete faith in Prince® Hair Fixer. They have maintained their quality all these years. The main source of confidence throughout my adult life.

Mr. Harpreet Singh Kohli

The Quality of my beard hair and lustre has improved significantly since I switched to Prince® Hair Fixer after using other products that were flaky, made my skin dry and itchy.

Mr. Harman Singh Arora

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